Readastorus roars to life in early March

The first two episodes of our new children’s storytelling service, Readastorus, are recorded with a third under production. Once the third episode is done we will oficcialy open the podcast and start submitting it to the major podcast services.

Our initial offereing are true classics. We start with the story of that Big Bad Wolf chasing down those “The Three Little Pigs.” That will be followed by Hans Christian Anderson’s fable of a bullied “Ugly Ducking” who turns out to be a be stately swan. Our third tale is about a little girl who trespasses in another family’s home, “Goldilocks and the Three Bears.”

As Litletter subscribers or Facebook followers, I’d like to offer you a special “sneak preview” of Readastous with my version of “The Three Little Pigs.” Please feel free to share it with anyone.

3 little pigs.png

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