You're My Inspiration

Next week will be the thirtieth episode of Litreading. When I started this venture last October, I wasn’t sure what would happen. And like any insecure “artist,” I was worried that these story readings might not appeal to a society that was increasingly enamored with video.

It appears that my fears were unfounded. The Litreading audience grows larger by the day (even after subtracting those crazy double-digit daily downloads from some automated ‘bot in Gibsonia, Pennsylvania) and the reviews have been beyond glowing.

Litreading has now garnered multiple reviews on Apple Podcasts (AKA, iTunes) and one on Facebook (I wasn't even aware you could review pages on Facebook). These have encouraged me to keep reading stories and building podcasts. One almost brought me to tears.

Here are a few examples (guess which one generated my emotional response):

“I love Mr. McDonald’s productions and selections of classic authors and short stories! I don’t know what goes into making a podcast, but these are so high quality! He has a wonderful reading voice. There are great music selections interjected in the perfect-length pauses for chapter breaks. There is just the right amount of background information provided for each author. Each time I listen to one, I feel transported back to the time of Chekhov, O’Henry, Clemens, etc.”

“Stories well told and professionally produced podcast worthy of any Audible book. I look forward to hearing more. Thank you!”

“Absolutely love this podcast!! I listen to a lot of short stories, and Don has a fantastic reading voice, as well as a good eye for choosing his stories.”

“Please read us another story, dear sir. I find myself checking this delightful podcast daily to see if something new has been added. Literary classics expressively read in the most mellifluous voice you’ve ever heard. What a treasure.”

It is comments like these that make the hours of work put into these podcasts, every week, worthwhile. A performer's greatest reward is recognition from his audience. Why do you think so many actors toil for weeks without pay to put on community theater products that may only run for a weekend? It’s the joy of bringing joy and knowing you did it well.

Thanks to all of you who listen, more to those who share Litreading with others, and profound gratitude to you who have taken the trouble to write a review. Your words not only encourage others to listen, but they also inspire me to keep bringing you new (old) stories every week.

Please note that I didn’t neglect to include the less than glowing reviews. There (knock on wood) haven’t been any yet. Oh, while I’m sure you already guessed correctly, the review that moved me almost to tears was the last one.

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