Love in the Night

by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Can young love stand the test of time? For Valentine’s day, we present a gorgeous short story about a seventeen-year-old boy and girl who share a powerful moment in France before the Russian revolution. Can their passion survive the tumultuous future that follows their brief affair?

Gifted with what many called a romantic imagination, F. Scott Fitzgerald first came to fame in 1920 with his novel, This Side of Paradise which led to high demand for his short stories by numerous respected publications like the Saturday Evening Post which published “Love in the Night” in 1925.

Fitzgerald’s powerful portrayal of Canne and the French Rivera came from direct observations as he and his wife, Zelda moved to the French Riviera in 1924. It was there that he penned his most famous work, The Great Gatsby, all in 1925.

Don McDonaldComment