by Lofcadio Hearn

Ghost stories have been told around the world and often based on mythical creatures or spirits. Those living in the cold, snowy regions of Japan created the legend of a winter spirit called Yuki-Onna (or snow woman) whose beauty allows her to prey on those lost in brutal winter storms.

The story, Yuki-Onna was written by Lafcadio Hearn. Born in Greece in 1850, Hearn was schooled in France, live for a decade in New Orleans, and moved to Japan in 1890. This is where, under his Japanese name, Koyzumy Yakumo, he wrote several ghost stories.

Hearn married a high-born Japanese woman, Koyzumy Setsu and took her family name Koyzumy in 1896 when he became a Japanese citizen and began teaching English Literature a Tokyo Imperial University.

Yuki Onna was published in 1904, the same year Lafcadio Hearn died of heart failure at age 54.

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